Calckey Update auf Version 14.0.0-rc3

Wir haben so eben unsere calckey Instanz auf die Version 14.0.0-rc3 angehoben! 

Major changes

Performance improvements: many changes have been made to make the performance of Calckey even better, especially for users with a lot of followers.

New 2FA flow: both the internal 2FA library and the 2FA user interface have been updated for a smoother, cleaner, and more reliable experience making sure your account is secure.

Emoji skin tone: you can now select your preferred skin tone for body part/people emojis, and the overall experience of selecting and searching for emojis is snappier.

Reduced visual clutter: Users can now properly hide replies in their timelines, and reply notifications are more readable.

Editing: it’s now possible to edit the options on a poll, and to add or remove a content warning from a post.

Deck view improvements: the deck view has a new channel column, and scrolling feels more natural. @naskya

Accessibility: focus trapping and keyboard navigation is now even more intuitive. @freeplay

calckey.js: the build system for the Calckey.js SDK is now fixed, so developers can get access to the latest version, and there’s now auto-generated markdown documentation for using it.

Docker: after many release candidates without a proper Docker tag, the Docker image build process has finally been fixed. @nmkj @lilithmooncohen